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Is being upside down bad for you

Stiff, when blood is being pumped to your feet, gravity helps take it on its way.
I was working on my bike and i put my bike upside down.
You have to feel how it rides differently to understand." Reply With" #21 I think I just solved my brake problem with this thread.
Trapeze artists, rock climbers and bungee jumpers find themselves upside down, but it is rarely for more than a few minutes.I'm assuming having your bike upside down is bad for the brakes?Nominate as Song of the Day.To get blood to your head your body has evolved to pump harder.Find Reply #8 28-Jan-2017, 09:56 AM To eliminate the possibility, you could also double check your motor connections to make sure each motor is connected to the right pins in th FC (motor 1 to motor output pin #1 and so on) Find Reply #9.Do you actually think that the boxes that the brakes and bike computers come in are shipped and stored in a specific orientation to preserve their longevity?( with disks or a pad spacer in only ofcourse ) The old, rubber band, bike right way up to get the air out is riduculous as the lower is under pressure and no air can get out doh!What am I missing.When they store brakes, forks, Displays etc.So it doesn't take long before blood begins to pool in places where it shouldn't, like the lungs and head.

Simply filling the reservoir to overflowing is no guarantee that no bubbles will be left behind when the cap is replaced.
A dollar bill paradise, and he don't really care, if she treats him like a monkey.
A Family Affair (2010).
I need to try and store my bike standing instead of hanging and see if my rear brake stops being spongy!
On the plus side for Blaine, while the US media have reported that blindness could be one of the dangers he faces, they appear to be wrong.I just changed over to Beta Flight from Clean Flight.Reply With" #26 Just wanted to say that turning my bike upside down with Shimano Zee brakes causes them to get spongy.Reply With" #32 Originally Posted by Harold inverting the bike doesn't cause any problems.If there is air in the system you have now forced it away from the centre of the earth (ie into your lines) and the brakes now need bleeding of they will likely feel like poo.A bad day of cycling is better than a good day at work Work Truck - Dassault Falcon 7X Reply With" #28 Once upon a time!Sent from my Lenovo B8000-F using Tapatalk Reply With" #29 Originally Posted by Speeder500 Just wanted to say.Reply With" #10 this is from the tech doc for shimano brakes, its the same for all models "When turning the bicycle upside down or on its side the brake system may have some air bubbles inside the reservoir tank which are still there.

But as bad as this fluid on the lungs is, there is a more catastrophic danger for the upside down publicity seeker.
I'm chasing you, my head is upside down, you're killing.
Reply With" #24 If you suffer from this, put a rubber band around the level and the bars pressurising the lowers, this will stop air from the reservoir from getting into the lower worked, easy.