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Exo lotto lyrics chinese

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No way (No way no way no) enjoy it Oh yeah it's under the fate now, let it go from your hand Oh yeah everything will be redesigned and reverted if the air has an ignition point.
Play, download, eXO Monster Chinese Misheard Lyrics 192 Kbps.00 MB 00:03:48 663.
Oh-oh-oh (Louder) Oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder) Oh-oh-oh (Louder) mei miao shun jian qian jin nan mai.
Ihaehae modeun geol georeoyaman hal tenikka.Oh Lotto-tto, oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah, byeol gwanshimi eomneun cheok shiseoneul pihaeseo.Lipstick Chateau jiu hong de color spielautomaten novoline kaufen kostenlos spielen (Chateau Chateau all over yeah) bai se Champagne pao mo li shower (bai se Champagne on me) wei yi de sheng kai cuo guo jiu bu zai wo ya yi de ke wang yi bao fa chu lai (ke.Lipstick Chateau wainppit Color (Lalalala) (Chateau Chateau all over) Hayan Champagne beobeure Shower (Lalalala) (hayan Champagne on me) Pyeongsaenge han beoniljjido molla Kkuk chamatteon bonneungi twieo olla (bonneungi twieo olla) Baek/Chan eojjeona I just hit the lotto (Lalalala) (Yeah oh) Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah.Neoran haengun machi sillatgateun, online poker lernen hwangnyul soge mameul deonjige hae nal.

Play, download, eXO Call Me Baby Chinese Misheard Lyrics 192 Kbps.58 MB 00:03:29 2189.
I will give you even more, i dont need no money you are my lotto modellini burago lottery if you want me to let you go, then it's already too late.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh Lotto-tto.Dareun saramdeureun ije papkon, ibe neoeun chae uril cheodabwa (Ah baby meolliseo deullyeooneun sori.Lipstick Chateau wainppit Color (Lalalala hayan Champagne beobeure Shower (Lalalala pyeongsaenge han beoniljjido molla.Don't bother, ignore the unknown chances of winning let it go, throw my everything, don't bother with the passerby who chews Popcorn staring us, giving off jealousy (Ah baby from afar comes this voice.Play, download, eXO Growl MV Korean Ver 192 Kbps.56 MB 00:03.Play, download, eXO Monster MV Chinese Ver 192 Kbps.96 MB 00:03:46 225550.Play, download, eXO Lotto Korean Misheard Lyrics 192 Kbps.32 MB 00:03:17 1054.Deoeopshi ganjeolhi weonhaneungeol, modeun geoseul georeo naege (Oh yeah).

Oh oh oh Lotto, oh oh oh Lotto oh.