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C64 poke 646

4 The actual character generator ROM used a different set of assignments.
Ranges 001F and 809F have control codes.
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Such names were commonly enclosed in curly braces in the listings.
This serves to distinguish petscii from those kinds of ascii that go back no farther than ascii-1967, so any text transfer between an 8-bit Commodore machine and one that uses 1967-derived ascii would result in text where uppercase letters appear to be lowercase, and lowercase.The Commodore PET 's lack of a programmable bitmap -mode for computer graphics, as well as it having no redefinable character set capability, may be one of the reasons petscii was developed; by creatively using the well thought-out block graphics, a higher degree of sophistication.For example, to display the characters ABC" on screen by directly writing into the screen memory, one would poke the decimal values 0, 1, 2, and 3 rather than 64, 65, 66, and.The mode is toggled by holding one of the shift keys and then pressing and releasing the Commodore key.On C64 the sets are alternated by flipping bit 2 of the byte 53272.The C64's lowercase characters are identical to the lowercase characters in the Atari 800 's system font (released several years earlier).2 Also, in the VIC-20 and C64 version, the backslash ( ) in position 5C is occupied by a British pound sign ( ) (preceding the usage of the same ascii code by the Japanese and Korean versions of ISO 646 for their respective currency symbols).In the VIC-20, C64, and later machines (not including the CBM business computers color codes supplement the other screen control codes.

Finally, the reverse-video mode (see below) is used to complete the range of graphics characters, in that it provides mirrored half-square blocks.
The grave accent, curly braces, vertical lotto bw sofortlotterie bar, and tilde do not exist in petscii.
For example, on the Commodore 128, 07 was the bell control character, and on CBM machines prior to the VIC-20, characters 2C and 6C both produced a comma character, albeit with slightly different semantics.Thus, as with other computers based on non-standard-ascii character sets, software conversion is needed when exchanging text files and/or telecommunicating with standard ascii systems.This prevented ambiguity, since, as mentioned, petscii had no curly brace characters.This list is updated automatically when new packages are added.CBM ascii, is the character set used.Petscii pET, s tandard, c ode of, i nformation, i nterchange also known.Commodore basic when laying out desired changes to Microsoft's existing 6502, basic to Microsoft's, ric Weiland in 1977.Where a particular code point encodes both a shifted and unshifted character, both characters/code points/glyphs are shown, with the unshifted character/glyph on the left and the unshifted code point at the bottom.

Specifications edit C64 startup screen with shifted and unshifted modes of petscii, and the two characters from ascii-1963 petscii Chart as displayed on the C64 in shifted and unshifted modes.