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Kingdom Hearts has this going with most of the Guest Star Party Members.
On the other hand, Axel and Shu flat out enter Game-Breaker status since Axel joins mid-game, and while Shu joins later and instead stuck with Granzon, but more than makes up for his blunder (see the SRW section of that for their details )note Shu gets.
On the other hand, their poor mobility, awful climbing and jumping skills and complete lack of shooting mean that advanced tactics like flanking, ambushing and overwatch are difficult if not impossible.
Kewne in Azure Dreams, who's the monster you start out with is somewhat of a subversion, as it's true that there are definitely stronger monsters you can get in the monster tower, but only much later.
Sharon averts this though, she's a borderline Game-Breaker when you first have her, and her Crafts have such strong secondary effects that she's still useful at the end.Heroes, introduced in Nightfall and further in Eye of the North, act as customisable henchmen and veritable Crutch Characters.They can all equip heavy armour and large heavy-hitting weapons as standard and come with a lot of healing and support spells.In Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Naoto escapes this status, benefiting from the Boost system all but making MP management irrelevant and the fact that just about everything in the game is weak to One-Hit Kill spells, but it still has a straight example.For example, Zombies don't get stunned and are immune to psychology checks and poison while also causing fear; Rat Ogres have very high stats and cause fear; Trolls do the same but also can't get permanent injuries and can vomit corrosive bile over targets for.And rookies only get to become supersoldiers by getting out and mixing it up with those xeno bastards, so one cannot rely on the HWP to do all the major work or you'll never get your troops to those One-Man Army levels of power (Also.See also Overrated and Underleveled, Skill Gate Character, Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards, and Changing Gameplay Priorities.He does come back however and he's still as strong as ever but players can't take him to the final dungeon (mainly because he and a lot of characters are dealing with their own final dungeon sections) though he can be taken towards the True.He talks you through it, tells you exactly where to go and what to do to avoid being spotted, and even kills the few enemies who the two of you stumble across.

Ping has poor attacks, fumbles a lot and is generally a detriment ( but required to have on your party ).
The areas around the player's hometown often consist mostly of grass and bug, and sometimes normal type Pokemon.
Once it's gotten fifth-level spells, it basically stops advancing altogether.(Vinceborg gets nine zaps per turn.) His services might not ruin your other characters' experience gains, but once he leaves the party and takes his eye lasers with him, your party suddenly feels crippingly empty.Another non OG example, and probably one of the best examples in the series to date, Kamina in Z2 Hakai-Hen.Pepper in Future Tactics: The Uprising is the only character in the game to have a Line of Sight and a Ballistic attack, both of which have unlimited ammo, which makes her more useful than every other character combined despite being a 12 year old.You could put it on Treecko or Shroomish to sweep through said Gym and some of the subsequent hikers on the next route, but its low base power means it will eventually be replaced.(Exacerbating this is the fact that one of the very rare cases where you might need a high Hard Ass skill is right after she leaves.) Suikoden : Suikoden V gives the player character Georg Prime, a powerful bodyguard who must, for plot reasons, abandon.In Yellow, Farfetch'd is obtained a fair bit later and caught in the wild, making it a straight Joke Character.